Leisure Videos

Flights for Leisure

North Fox

Pere Marquette River

V-tail in Formation

The Homestead

Mackinac Island


3 thoughts on “Leisure Videos

  1. Hello Greg. Another great video. We flew in to Mackinac several years ago with the kids. Had perfect weather. Very hot though. Could not believe the hotel we stayed in did not have A/C. They almost never need it. No services on the island is right! We lost a starter on our Seneca III that trip and had to hand prop one of the engines while my wife was at the controls (and brakes!) to get off the island and continue on to Door Co. WI for a couple days and then to Meigs Field, before heading back to Bucks County. What a great trip. Take care. Tim


  2. Oh, I wasn’t all that willing, but after a long chat with my mechanic, we took a page out of history and said prop or spend a few more days riding around behind a tarp filled with road apples! Brakes set, throttles set, mag on, spin it the right way, keep your hair out of the prop and pray! No problem. Had to do it to get out of Meigs as well. Just a bit embarrassing to jump out on a line of beautiful planes and hand prop. We flew it 4 hours +, straight from Chicago to our mechanics field in Quakertown, PA. Have a great day. Tim


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