Let’s Fly Chicago!

I’ve been aviating for 17 years, and sometimes this feels like the best-kept secret out there.

And so, armed with a few Garmin VIRB cameras (aren’t all pilots gadget freaks?), backed by a 337 (aka “field approval”) from the FAA and brimming with enthusiasm, Let’s Fly Chicago! is my tiny attempt to inspire you existing pilots to fly more, and perhaps encourage some non-pilots to take up this fascinating exercise.  I hope you’ll find something here which gets your aviation juices flowing.

Please don’t mistake me for an “Uber Pilot” who has all the answers.  I’ve been blessed by some great instructors and mentors over the years, but I also realize they told me things I didn’t absorb and there’s much which I could do better.  Some of the videos will give you a pretty candid look at my cockpit routines and my hope is that you might pick up one or two things that are helpful while ignoring any bad habits you spot.

So let’s fly!  Miss Lizzy and I hope to meet you on the ramp some day.

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